Finding the Father to the Fatherless

Finding The Father to The Fatherless with Special Guest Sean Teis

About Sean Teis Ten years ago Sean and his wife started a fatherless ministry helping teens, parents, and grandparents. Sean grew up without a dad himself and so he has a special calling in his heart for this ministry.

Even though Sean’s dad left, God put many men in his path to help him; his grandfather, his pastor, many youth pastors, and tons of mentors, but he sees many children who didn’t have the people who supported Sean through his life

Being without a father Sean shares openly about his past struggles with inferiority, feeling like he’s not as manly. Now he has to come to the realization that God can complete him in all acts of life.

Fatherhood with being fatherless In the beginning, Sean was nervous with being a father since he didn’t have a father growing up, he looked at it in a different sense. He could be different by not leaving his family as his father did.

Sean also got to see how other fathers were great dads with their family and with that he took pointers from them and used the good parts to apply to himself.

Overcoming Hurt of a Bad Father Figure The challenge is to not look at God as you see your dad, God is true and faithful to us no matter our father situation. When you have a good father who doesn’t believe in God you just cling to God’s Word and Scripture.

Fatherless Ministry Working with Churches Sean and his family go to different churches to spread awareness to the faithlessness that surrounds their communities.

They offer the church a challenge to get involved in their online training where Fatherless Ministries covers the topics of fatherless children, single moms, fatherless teen girls, fatherless teen guys, mentoring, and grandparents raising grand kids. They give ideas, resources, and training on how to help families being themselves back into balance

Testimonies of Impact Sean worked with a student named Tony and learned his story. Tony's story was growing up in a fatherless house with a single mom, one day Tony got to the point where he knew what he had to do and he accepted Jesus into his life, and he stepped into his calling in ministry and is now in Bible College

Another Testimony is where two girls, Sarah and Amy grew up fatherless so Sean and his ministry provided them with devotionals and resources, and now they are living for God.

  • 85% of youth in prison started with fatherless homes

  • 80% of rapists came from fatherless homes

  • 3 out of 4 teenage suicides came from fatherless homes.

It’s so important to help these kids, it’s not hard, it’s just pouring into them. You can find a fatherless person anywhere, whether it’s in your neighborhood, in your own church, or a local school. They need your help.

For more information on the ministry of Life Factors Ministries

Go to and

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