A Life of Worship with Guest Catherine Mullins

Catherine's Journey It started in a church where her dad was the pastor, it was a great ground for growing to lead worship. She went to college and planned on having a business degree, but in 2008 she did an event on God T.V, and lead worship at the age of twenty-one. She was humbly a background singer, but in that obedience God uplifted her to lead singer. Her dad told her “If you want to be a worship leader you just serve wherever you can.”

Spontaneous Worship in the Now Generation God is restoring part of the worship movement, the spontaneous worship was always meant to be in our worship. There is a sound in this generation that sounds spontaneous and prophetic and that is getting back connected with the Heart of God.

Getting Lost in Worship and Focusing on God Quote by Bob Sorgee “The river of God finds it origin in the crucified land”, what he means is the river of the presence of God, the prophetic, signs and wonders, it all comes from getting our eyes off of ourselves and onto Jesus As christians who were created to worship God, we are called to lift up Jesus, in doing that it creates the prophetic environment for God to move and flow It is vital for people to recognize their responsibility to worship, we are called to get lost in worship. In getting lost in worship, part of being a worship leader, you have to be partially aware of what’s going on in the room to hear what the Holy Spirit wants to do. We have to make sure that we are in tune with what God is doing in the room so we don’t get off track and leave everyone hanging outside of encountering so we don’t become the distraction because we’ve lost everybody. The prophetic isn’t about the worship leader encountering God, but it’s meant to take all of us corporately to the next level.

How Radical Worship is for everyone The Biblical definition of Praise and Worship doesn’t have anything to do with denomination, it has to do with how God wants to be loved It’s all about how God wants to be loved, in Deuteronomy 12:4 God is giving Israel the commands their supposed to be walking out and He says “Don’t worship me the way they do, worship me this way” God has an opinion on how he wants to be worshiped The definition of praise in the Bible, “When you praise it’s always going to be connected to an outward expression.” We all have a responsibility to love God how he wants to be loved and what does that look like, it looks like radical praise how it’s expressed in scripture

Seeking For of God and Worship As worship leaders, the biggest thing you have to settle is, are you called to this? You have to decide in your heart that if your called to be a worship leader then your going to be a worship leader When your called to it you find that there is a grace to overcome any battle that you might face. Establish in your heart that your called to it, and if you are, don’t question it The biggest thing we have to preserve is listening to God Don’t sweat the small stuff, we’re going to make mistakes, people around us are going to make mistakes, and if you make a mistake God’s not going to say “Well I can’t use you anymore” so don’t stress over the small things

If there are giants that you’re facing, remember God has given you all the tools you need to bring down those Giants

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