Singing The Scriptures with Guest Jenny Weaver

Join us on the podcast this week for special guest Jenny Weaver!

*Story of singing scriptures ministry, Facebook Live

God completely turned Jenny’s life around by asking her to do something that no one else really does, singing the Scriptures. During this new level in her life God used her to impact thousands of lives because she obediently followed God’s voice.

*Overcoming fear of man and stepping out in prophetic worship

When you step out in ministry it’s a whole different world from your personal time with God who accepts your praise, but another aspect of it is, how is this ministry going to affect other people, but when you begin to step out you invite the world to watch. It’s a huge step, but God always prepares us in secret ways before He lets us step out.

*Singing prophetically over people

God inhabits the praises of his people, God lives in the spontaneous and in so many different cultures of praise. Singing over one person can bring special breakthrough to their season.

*Importance of worship in the Kingdom

True worship is prophetic worship, because no matter what you sing about it’s always the testimony of Jesus

To the psalmist it’s okay to sing a known song, to the worship leader it’s okay to sing an unknown song

*Finding your Identity Before Stepping Into Leadership

The Bible says God predestined us in love, before He even formed us he knew us and we were in him, so before we were on this Earth we were already good enough. Finding your identity is very important before stepping out in leadership.

The set-list is the set-up for the prophetic

For More information on My Worship Life Mentorship or Jenny Weaver visit

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