Overcoming Fear to fulfill Your Purpose.

Quick update: Today we kick off our new podcast called “The Purpose Podcast With Logan LeGrande.” It will be available on iTunes & Google Play!

Overcoming Fear to fulfill our purpose Episode #1

When trying to begin our ministry calling so many times we fall into fear. We are scared of comparison or what people may say.

We may make up excuses (or I do at least) for example “there is no way I can do that.”

God calls me to do something but the enemy sends fear to try and get me off track.

Here is the truth, any dream you have that is Godly Jesus will make it happen if you put your trust in Him.

Forget the “what ifs”

-What if I fail?

-What if I don’t know what i’m doing?

-What if I embarrass myself


The only way you will fail is if you just give up completely.

Here is Some advice from our followers at facebook

I asked this question. What was the hardest wall to overcome when chasing your purpose?

Tyler Frick says "Comparison is most common. When people start leading in their own unique way and stop comparing they have a lot more fun and are more productive."

Shane Harris says "Doubt -I used to think that my past made me unworthy to walk in my calling

I finally realized I'm a new creation a new person .I'm not that old guy who was a addict . I also realized how Ill equipped I feel sometimes I don't go alone into any situation he goes with me so that means I am equipped if I just let his spirit and the anointing flow and lead me . Now if I try to do it myself it's usually a big mess tho bro."

We all have something to overcome. The question is are you willing to stomp your fear in the face and trust in Jesus?

You can do this!

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