Reckless Love

By now you have most likely heard the amazing worship song ‘Reckless Love.’ I have heard dozens of different versions of this song and I have even been humbled enough to lead churches into worship with this heart-changing story.

This song is a perfect illustration of the love of Jesus Christ. The love that shows us even when we mess us, slip up, or give up Jesus still loves us with a never ending love.

Read Luke 15:1-32

In Luke 15:1-32 we see three parables that can help us relate to our lives.

1. A Lost Sheep

2. A Lost Coin

3. A Lost Son

Each story required a persistence to see the lost come back, to be found. As you read this today maybe you have fallen away. Maybe you feel like you're on a broken road in life, like there is no way to overcome and push through. THERE IS HOPE FOR YOU!

Maybe you have a son or daughter away from the Lord. Your persistence in prayer and fasting moves the heartbeat of God. Get deep in prayer and intercession and believe in faith for the impossible.

Your faith will move mountains, don’t give up your breakthrough is ahead. I declare prodigals are coming home, I declare finances in the bank, I declare the lost to be found in Jesus Name!

Some of this devotion was inspired from Perry Stone's Commentary

check out his New Testament Study Bible Here


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